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Resin Parts Niroutrans
In the production process of high and medium voltage equipments and also in the establishment of medium voltage substation, usually there is a need for solid insulating parts which in most cases shall be in required special shapes.
One of the best and most reliable ways to supply the parts, is casting them with epoxy resin. At the time being, using the most advanced equipment for vacuum casting under vacuum and the great experience achieved on casting medium voltage instrument transformers, NTC is capable to design, produce and quality approve the variety of parts required by customers with ordered facilities and shortest delivery times.

Some of the parts which can be produced are as follow:

1- Any type of low and medium voltage terminal bushings required in power or instrument transformers or any other type of HV equipment.
2- Any type of HV and MV support insulators.
3- Any type of insulating supports for the equipment insulated with vacuum or gas(SF6
4- Insulation of any electronic circuit having a case.