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About Niroutrans

NirouTrans was established in 1990. The main activity of this company is production of current and voltage transformers in the range of 6 kV to 550 kV, transformer bushings up to 420kV, Generator Ciruit Breaker up to 13000 A and medium voltage power capacitor.All the productions are designed, manufactured and tested based on customers’ requirements and in accordance with internationally well knwon standards. The thechnology and knwo how for design, manufacturing and test of instrument transformers are from ABB Power Technology Sweden, Condenser Bushing from HSP Germany, Generator Ciruit Breaker from ABB Switzerland and power factor capacitor from ISKRA. Quality and conformity with customer’s requirements have been the primary concerns of NirouTrans Company and in line with this policy, NTC’s quality system was certified according to ISO 9001:2008 in 2010.

Niroutrans Company Its inauguration occurred in 1997 and now covers 100 000 m2 which is included 20 000 m2 buildings area.


With many years of experience of manufacturing HV and EHV instrument transformers NTC started its export business in 2004 , despite of few years of export, NTC products are delivered to 4 continents of the world;
America: Dominican Republic
Africa: Niger , Nigeria , Senegal , Sudan , South Africa and Tanzania
Asia: Afghanistan , Armenia , Azerbaijan Rep. , Iraq , Lebanon , Pakistan , Syria , Thailand , Turkmenistan and Yemen
Europe: Netherlands , Sweden
NTC’s continuous success in export business demonstrates that the reliable quality of our products is winning the trust from customers both in domestic market and around the world.

Overall history:
Construction started at 1995
Mass production was launched in 1998
Its main departments were also established in 1998
Inaugurated by President of Iran in 1999
Its stocks activities started in 2003

Niroutrans environmental and quality management certified by
– ISO 9001-2008 TUV
– ISO 14001-2004 TUV
– OHSAS 18001-2007 TUV

It’s also have 100% national HV and 40% MV markets. Niroutrans production encompass:
1- CT products
2- PT & CVT products
3- MOF (CIT) products
4- GCB products
5- Capacitive bushings (OTF, HVB, NGB)
6- Power factor corrector capacitator (KLV)
7- Coupling capacitor
8- Resin parts