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Products – Current Transformers

Cast resin current transformers (up to 36 kV)

Cast resin NirouTrans

These transformers are used to separate measuring and protection equipment from high voltage circuits and to transform the current and voltage to the values required by the measuring and protection equipment.
1- Indoor Installation
2- Outdoor Installation

Window Type Current Transformers (up to 36 kV)

Cast resin NirouTrans

Window type and slip on type current transformers are applicable when the path for current is the existing WT3.jpgcable or busbar which is not possible to be cut for the insertion of a normal CT in. In this case, depending on the situation if the CT is to be installed on a shielded cable or a voltage holding busbar, one of the models WT1, WT2, MVWT1, MVWT2 and MVWT3 can be used.

Bushing Type current transformers (up to 1.2 kV)

Cast resin NirouTrans

BCT is one of the accessories which with rather low prices can add considerable capabilities to power transformers as the most expensive equipment of high voltage substations. bct1.jpg The Type of current transformers can be used in any other high voltage equipment containing earthed shields around the current carrying conductor. The CT can be used in dry conditions either, although it is advised to oil impregnated after dring to avoid the deteriorating effects of oxygen in air. The following table includes the summary of the specifications which can be covered.

Tank Type Current Transformer (IMB) (72.5 to 550 kV)

IMB NirouTrans

IMB tank type (hairpin design) current transformers are very flexible, with regard to core space. The primary conductor is insulated with a special paper, which gives a high insulation resistance, low dielectric losses and IMB400.jpggood aging properties. The core are located in the bottom tank, and the complete transformer is filled with a unique mixture of quartz sand and oil.